When was the last time you did something for the first time?
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Mukwa Adventures

Guided ATV Tours

Northeastern Ontario
When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Adventure Awaits

Let us take you on an ATV tour through the twists and turns of Northern Ontario’s great wilderness. Expert woodsman, Arthur Trudeau will be your guide as he leads you on an adventure you’ll never forget.

Women's ATV Adventure Retreat Weekend

Men's ATV Adventure Retreat Weekend

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Mukwa Adventures is a guided ATV tour business that is 100% mobile. We have access to over thousands of kilometers of trails in Northern Ontario while collaborating with amazing local lodges and resorts in the area for our clients to relax after a day out playing in the mud and digging up some trails! We provide all the safety gear, ATV’s and training required. Our male and female guides will lead you with all the equipment and expertise you need to have a once in a lifetime adventure.

Half Day
Half Day

Get a taste for adventure with our half-day tour which includes:

  • 4 hour guided ATV tour
  • Safety and equipment training
  • ATV and required equipment

Full Day
Full Day

Dive in for an entire day of adventure with our full-day tour, including:

  • 8 hour guided ATV tour
  • Safety and equipment training
  • ATV and required equipment
  • Lunch Break

Full Day Full Day Full Day

Become one with the trails on our weekend tour which includes:

  • 3-day tour running from Friday to Sunday
  • Safety and equipment training
  • ATV and required equipment
  • Meal and snack breaks
  • Accommodations at local lodges and resorts

Custom Day Custom Day

We can work with you to create the perfect guided ATV adventure, possibilities include:

  • Bachelor getaways
  • Scenic shore lunches
  • Bushcrafting
  • Cultural land-based programming


Nestled in the forests of Northern Ontario, dotted by countless lakes and rivers, is a land filled with mystery and hidden treasures. This is where Mukwa Adventures lives, and this is where your adventure takes place.

But this place isn’t a completely untamed wilderness. Here and there are found the luxuries of modern day in the form of resorts ready and waiting to serve the weary adventurer. Depending on the Mukwa Adventure you choose, one of these places of relaxation is waiting to serve you.


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Arthur TrudeauOwner / Operator

Arthur Trudeau graduated from Sault College from the Natural Environmental Technician Conservation Management program in 2011 with awards from the Ministry of Natural Resources. His knowledge of the land from a scientific background and of his First Nations culture is one of the things that makes Arthur a unique and knowledgeable guide.

Having grown up in the Northwoods as a hunter-gather, Arthur is quite at home in all forest settings regardless of time or season. His knowledge of flora and fauna, fish and wildlife, as well as the different ecosystems within the Northwoods is first class.

Arthur was a volunteer firefighter with citations for life saving from the Ontario Provincial Police answer as well as the Sagamok Anishnawbek Fire Department, for Arthur safety along side fun is paramount.


Please fill out the form or contact Arthur at 1-705-208-0477 to book your next adventure!